YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes: Takes A Step On Clouds

Experience what it feels like to wear shoes that breathe with your every step! Inspired by Classic Italian style and infused with 21st-century technology, YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes are the perfect marriage of form and function.

Truly Breathable Shoes for Men

A fresh and dry shoe is a comfortable shoe. YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes come installed with a Double Boot Air Circulation device which forces fresh air in the shoe cavity with your every step. This ensures that your foot stays dry and there is no moisture in the shoe cavity. It also makes sure that the shoe cavity remains clean and hygienic.

Double Boot Air Circulation Device

This patented new technology is installed into the heel for maximum comfort. The Double boot air circulation system has a reverse osmosis membrane and a buffer damping system. The buffer damping system comprises of 316 high strength springs and TPU Elasticity air sac. These increase spring density by 70% and carbon content by 30%, thereby offering strong bearing force and long-lasting resilience. This system imparts super shock absorbing capability with its impressive cushioning so you don’t have to worry about uneven terrains and foot fatigue. Furthermore, it also reduces the rebounding impact of walking on the spine and the brain.

YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes have zinc alloy inlay teeth which strengthen the connection between the buffer damping system and the sole. This helps makes the shoes rugged and durable.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to ensure that no water molecules enter the shoe cavity from the intake and outtake holes. This membrane is attached with an alloy protective layer to ensure that the shoes are waterproof. A beautiful classic Rose Gold exterior covers the exterior of the holes, lifting the aesthetic appeal of this marvellous technology.

YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes come with a meticulous set of accessories which help you enhance and customise the functioning of these shoes. One of these accessories is a check valve specifically designed for the Double Boot Air circulation device. It allows the user to easily and effectively direct the flow of the air in the shoe.

YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes have been tested vigorously to ensure that the Double boot Air circulation system and the double buffer damping system work together to create the ideal environment for your foot and keep you comfortable no matter where you step.

Classic Italian Style

Taking cues from the classic Italian vamp design which allows leather to retain its fundamental properties—durability and flexibility—insteps for the shoes were constructed. YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes are available in three exquisite styles: matte carved pattern brogues, leather sole brogues and Chelsea carved pattern boots.

YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes strive to achieve the balance between classic and high-tech. With the help of revolutionary new technology and the classic craft of shoe making, they have created some of the most delectable yet super functional shoes for the modern man.

Brogue carved shoes were the footwear of 16th century Scotland and Ireland. The classic carved hollow out design helped drain the water and was used while crossing swamps. These classic shoes with a matte pattern for a hint of casual are the perfect companion for the refined gentlemen among us.

Chelsea Boots with their low-heels, round toes, and elastic side panel are the quintessential companion for the laid-back, relaxed look. They are lace-less and ankle high. From a wide assortment of solid colors like iron gray, dark brown, claret red, dark green and light brown to patterns and mosaics, these shoes are bound to make you want to own them all.

Inside the Shoes

YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes use BAWA material for the shoes’ interior. This material kills 99% of bacteria and protects the feet from infections like athlete’s foot and fungus, thereby keeping you healthy and safe no matter where you are headed. The insole is embedded with polyurethane buffer technology which helps cushion about 80% of the impact produced during walking. Ventilation holes are also present on the insole which allows sweat to evaporate and keep the nasty odors away.

YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation Shoes are the new revolution in footwear technology. They enhance comfort and keep your feet healthy. Known for their durability and rugged nature, you no longer have to think about changing shoes as these are the ideal companion, no matter where you step and when.

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