Why YOUNGSENSE makes sense for the young business professionals ?

We know you are SMART. We also love the fact that you are sensible. Business professionals like you lead a real busy life spending most of their valuable time running around meetings across the globe or in their tiny/spacious but significantly dedicated workplace.
You end-up wearing your shoes for most of the hours in a day. For you, It may just be shoes, but for your feet they are the clothes which make them feel much better and alive full of energy. On the flip-side your shoes may irritate and leave your surrounding smelly or possibly lead to Beriberi. OH GOD it can get messy!
YOUNGSENSE brings to you the world’s first revolutionary air circulation shoes. They are designed for people like you while keeping in mind hygiene, durability, design, comfort and much more. A proper blend of all these combined with dual-boot air circulation designed ergonomically for your feet to breath and strengthen you to walk comfortable. Cushioning is designed such that it reduces the rebounding impact of walking on spine and brain while easing foot fatigue. That’s done by ‘Super Robust Shock Absorption Function’.
Yes you are going to hear more jargons, don’t worry I’ll keep you curious! Thats how this charming person got me in conversation. He talked about dual boot air circulation, double air sac, buffer damping system, how water molecules are prevented and the exteriors without compromising on that business and professional touch.
Our shoes are always in the front-line being exposed and vulnerable to be infected by bacteria. The special BAWA material used kills 99% bacteria and protects your feet. The other 1% ? Sorry just in-case you are real unlucky. I pray for your healthy feet along with remaining of you healthy in full piece. That was bad humor i guess ! Jokes apart, giving considerately serious thought about the shoes we end up wearing most of the time is very important, It definitely matters a lot about the shoes we choose. It talks about our personality and creates a style statement and creates a positive impression.Taking a well informed decision and evaluating the right shoes for various features is a smart and sensible thing to do.
While wearing YOUNGSENSE, no matter where you are walking to you are moving with a confident and firm grip towards your future. Polyurethane buffer technology embedded on the insole with soft shock absorption polymer eliminates sweat, kills odor and discomfort. The outsole is of abrasion resistant gum rubber which is ultra flexible and discharges moisture like magic. YOUNGSENSE air circulation shoes come in various gorgeous, beautiful and awesome designs to best match your taste and preferences. YOUNGSENSE has taken inspiration from classic Italian vamp design while improvising on fundamental quality, durability and flexibility with cutting edge design. The shoes look great with both business and casual outfits suiting both work-mode and play-mode. Made by propel classic shoe making technology, the decorative detail with traditional and functional design is an innovative blend of classic and hi-tech.
A pair of YOUNGSENSE is a must have for a redefined gentleman. Options ranging from low-key mosaic color blocks, beautiful solid colors, fancy patterns, semi-brogue, quarter-brogue and many more are available to choose from. YOUNGSENSE strives to converge latest in fashion trends and technology to make your shoe wearing a special experience which is enjoyable.
We were so indulged in our conversation about all the aspects of how our shoe wearing experience can be effected by various factors. We totally forget we’ve been talking for a while and have to make a move. I joking asked the gentleman if he was working for YOUNGSENSE because of his knowledge about shoes. He smiled at me and said that he is one of many happy and satisfied consumer who is enjoying the new experience facilitated by YOUNGSENSE and wouldn’t mind spreading a positive word about them. We shook hands while i thanked him for a lovely yet informative chat and parted ways.
I got curious enough and wanted to experience YOUNGSENSE shoes first hand. More surprise was waiting ahead for me as i continued reading about the details of the work YOUNGSENSE have been doing with shoes while combining best of technology with it to create breathable, durable and professional shoes. The time i landed the store and started exploring the options among perfectly crafted shoes, i loved most of the designs which matched my sense and style preferences. I ended up buying two pairs which i think is certainly a great gifting idea among family and friends.
Thanks to the charming gentle man i met who introduced me to this revolutionary shoes with air circulation technology. I have learned about interesting things like Double boot air circulation, Design ergonomics, prevention from shoe cavity, foot fatigue and bacterial infection, shock absorption system, buffer damping system, use of reverse osmosis membrane and alloy protective layer, BAWA material to kill bacteria and much more. The gentleman was infectious with the information he provided me during our conversation. I am doing the same these days and people can’t stop noticing my YOUNGSENSE shoes which gives me a chance to talk and educate people about all these featurs. I strongly encourage my peers among my social and work circle to own a pair and talk about how technology is helping make life better and how YOUNGSENSE has made use of technology to create world’s first revolutionary air circulation shoes.
My experience wearing YOUNGSENSE has been delightful all these days. Every day is a new day where my feet no longer hurt in spite of wearing the shoes for many hours at a single strech. I am focused on my work meetings when i am running around multiple places inside and outside office. It feels awesome, fresh and no more sweat, itchy feeling in the feet or embarrassing odor of smelly feet.
After learning about all these new things about shoes and experiencing the comfy feeling while walking. I like YOUNGSENSE and am convinced that these shoes. Yes the techno-breathable-comfortable shoes makes perfect sense for business professionals for both formal and casual use.

If you want to know more about YOUNGSENSE, please click : www.youngsense.cc

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