YOUNGSENSE The King of Brogues


YOUNGSENSE is a synonym to revolution. YOUNGSENSE represents innovation. YOUNGSENSE is a tradition setter. YOUNGSENSE is the trend. I already explained all these qualities with sheer detail. And today, I am going to put some detail on YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes designs and style, and why YOUNGSENSE is the next generation innovation pair of shoes.


YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation comes in three eye-catching stylish designs: Leather Wingtip Brogues, Oiled Nubuck Wingtip Brogues and Leather Chelsea Brogues Boots.

Brogues beautifies YOUNGSENSE model and ten folds its pleasing design, giving you a stylish pair of shoes to show off your class. Now, if you do not acknowledge BROGUE, then let me give you a quick explanation on it.

Brogue style is a traditional low-heeled shoe or boot, specified by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative broguing or perforations, and serration along with the pieces’ naked edges. Brogues are commonly found in one of four toe-cap styles (Which also includes yours wingtip Brogues) and four closure styles (Oxford, monk strap etc.)

Now that we know what Brogue is, let’s move forth to three fabulous designs of YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes: Leather Wingtip Brogues, Oiled Nubuck Wingtip Brogues and Leather Chelsea Brogues Boots.


YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes come in Leather Wingtip Brogues style. This style is determined by the shape of the toe cap covered fully in polished leather. This design is also known as full brogue or wingtip, and is also available in semi-brogue and quarter-brogue styles, or other less common brogue style.


Nubuck are just like aniline leather; soft to the touch and scratches easily. If exposed to water drops, it darkens temporarily before drying back to its original color. Oiled Nubuck refers to calf skin, where oil is applied to the skin during its manufacturing stage. And YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes brought Oiled Nubuck forth in their Wingtip Brogue design to give you high quality offering and a comfortable stylish walking experience. This is one of my personal YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes design.


This is not your typical Chelsea boot. This is an innovative design to YOUNGSENSE family. YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes bring Leather Chelsea Brogues Boots forth to give their customer an experience of high heel boot clad in pure leather with an elastic side implanted around the heel; providing another innovative and comfortable design.


So, these are YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes especially designed to present something innovative, revolutionary, magnificent and powerful to their customers. YOUNGSENSE not only work on their designs and technology behind it, but they do their best to give their best to customers; always adapting to recent trend and bringing forth style with class. YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes extremely focuses on the quality of shoe uppers and sole. YOUNGSENSE is dedicated and determined to give the best quality and that means best leather, best design, best manufacturing for the best strolling experience through brand new and innovative YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes.

Implanted with latest BAWA-technology decorated with arresting design and polished with pure leather, coming right out of manufacturing factory; YOUNGSENSE is a fashion sensation amongst men. YOUNGSENSE dedicate them on using brogues style; many shoe company’s compromises with the quality once the demand upsurges. But YOUNGSENSE promise their customers to make no compromise with the quality and bring abroad the best of YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes for their audience. Like I mentioned before, the best feature of YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes is the art of blending Nano-technology, outstanding design and high-quality glossing leather in just one boot. Isn’t it impressive?


Now, I would like to end this article by giving a quick glimpse of YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes and why you should buy it. YOUNGSENSE is carrying a 9000 years long heritage of giving comfortable walking experience to us humans; and with the development and presentation of YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes in the shoes market, YOUNGSENSE has changed the era of the shoes industry. So, let’s support YOUNGSENSE group and let’s bring forward a new trend, a new style and a new boot to boost your class. Let’s pick one YOUNGSENSE Air Circulation shoes on, because they always got our back; back of our looks and comfort. Thank you.

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YOUNGSENSE The King of Brogues

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