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Your shoes haven’t changed – they’ve done their job, so you never thought they needed to change, but what if they could now “breathe”?

double boot air circulation device

The innovative double air sac buffer damping system is comprised of the TPU elasticity air sac and the 316 high strength spring, a system that increases spring density by 70% and carbon content by 30%, offering strong bearing force and long-lasting resilience. Its super robust shock absorption function brings you impressive cushioning. For greater effectiveness, we’ve incorporated the double air sac buffer damping system into the double boot air circulation device. This reduces the rebounding impact of walking on the spine and brain with each step, easing foot fatigue. With this revolutionary system.


A shoe with a dry interior is a comfortable shoe. That’s why we’ve designed the double boot air circulation device and installed it into the heel, following principles of ergonomics. As you walk, the device is triggered, allowing fresh air to enter the shoe cavity and moisture to leave. As air continues to flows through the shoe, your skin is exposed to fresh air, which translates into a cleaner, more comfortable walking experience.

The acme workpiece excellent peformance

We have added a meticulous combination of accessories for best results, including a check valve we’ve designed for the double boot air circulation device to easily and effectively directing air flow. We’ve also attached zinc alloy inlay teeth, strengthening the connection between the buffer damping system and the sole. To prevent water molecules from entering the sole, we’ve installed a reverse osmosis membrane as well as an alloy protective layer on the surface of the outtake and intake holes. The beautiful rose gold exterior shows off the aesthetic appeal of technological competency.

reverse osmosis membrane

To prevent water molecules from entering the sole of the shoe, we have reverse osmosis films and alloy protective coatings on the surface of the outlet and the air inlet. The beautiful appearance of rose gold shows the aesthetic charm of technical ability.

BAWA material

For the shoe’s interior, we’ve used BAWA material, which resistance 99% of bacteria and protects the feet, reducing the occurrence of athlete’s foot and keeping you healthy, whether you’re going out or going to work.

buffer damping

Insoles below the forefoot site, we’ve employed polyurethane buffer technology, a soft and shock-absorbing polymer material that allows a properly fitted shoe to cushion 80% of the impact produced during walking, making every step feel as though you’re walking on a sponge. Ventilation holes are also installed on the insole, allowing sweat to evaporate, thereby preventing discomfort and odor.

Their abrasion-resistant gum-rubber outsoles are extremely flexible .Trust us when we say this shoe is durable.

The test is to prove YOUNGSENSE

YOUNGSENSE brings to you

They are designed for people like you while keeping in mind hygiene, durability, design, comfort and much more. A proper blend of all these combined with dual-boot air circulation designed ergonomically for your feet to breath and strengthen you to walk comfortable. Cushioning is designed such that it reduces the rebounding impact of walking on spine and brain while easing foot fatigue. That’s done by Super Robust Shock Absorption Function.

youngsense fashion style

YOUNGSENSE air circulation shoes come in three gorgeous styles: oiled nubuck wingtip brogues, leather wingtip brogues and leather chelsea brogues boots. We’ve taken cues from classic Italian vamp design, using leather to construct insteps while retaining the material’s most fundamental qualities – durability and flexibility.Whether business occasions, important banquets, daily life, there is always a can fully meet you.

user evaluation

Love my YOUNGSENSE,they fit perfectly,they are comfortable,and they look great!I’ve spend more on shoes that were of lesser quality.The YOUNGSENSE are up there with the designer brands that cost twice as much.Can’twait to see what new styles they’ come up with .I’m a fan.

Let’s keep pice out of the initial discussion.Fromthe moment you remove them from the box,you know someone really took the time to build these shoes the right way.

These are exceptionally well crafted artisan shoes.Most certainly worth the price.Sovery elegant,comfortable and wearable right out the box.No rubbing or blisters.Just perfect,amazing shoes

I have gotten lots of positive feedback/compliments on them at wrok,so that’s always a plus! Iwear them about once a week,and aftera few months they have shown no excess signs of wear or tear

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